Vellore Polytechnic College (VPT)

College Committees


Chairman: Mr. Jayakumar T
Executive members: Mr. Subramani K
Mr. Karthikeyan A
Core Functions
  • Curricular support
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Student Seminars
  • Guest lectures
  • Career guidance & mock Interviews
  • Pre-placement training
  • In-plant training, Internship, Industrial partnerships and Industrial visits
  • Project work and Educational tour


Chairman: Mr. Jayakumar T
Executive members: Mr. Subramani K
Mr. Karthikeyan A
Core Functions
  • Staff performance review.
  • Core competency assessment.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Training delivery.
  • Counselling & Coaching.


Chief Proctor: Mr. Jayakumar T
Executive members: Mr. Karthikeyan A
Mr. Gnanaprakash G
Mr. Boobalan D
Core Functions
  • Guide students in the academics & personal problems by establishing a friendly relation among students and faculty members.
  • Provide supportive care and advice to the students and help students in their academic and personal problems.


Chairman: Mr. Anand K
Executive members: Mr. Karthikeyan A
Mr. Jayakumar T
Core Functions
  • Historical financial data analysis.
  • Financial forecasts.
  • Budget development.
  • Expense analysis.
  • Financial audits.


Chairman: Mr. Karthikeyan A
Executive members: Mr. Dinesh A
Mr. Gnanaprakash G
Mr. Boobalan D
Mr. Elango J
Core Functions
  • Annual procurement plans
  • Presentation of requisite budgets
  • Adherence to finance manual
  • Standardized procurement process.
  • Inventory management.
  • Vendor selection.
  • Maintenance & Insurance follow-up
  • Inspection / Installation / Commissioning.
  • Asset registry.
  • Documentation.
  • Investment recovery.


Chairman: Mr. Boobalan D
Executive members: Mr. Lingappa S
Mr. Santhosh Kumar M
Ms. Arthi A
Mr. Monish A
Core Functions
  • Optimize utilization.
  • Encourage usage by students & staff.
  • Network with other libraries o best practices.
  • Library stock management & verification.
  • Improve documentation & registry.
  • Manage procurement process.


Coordinator: Mr. Santhakumar A
Student Reps: Mr. Umeshraj S
Mr. Vinoth Kumar G
Ms. Vinith G
Mr. Dharshith
Mr. Santhosh V
Mr. Sanjay Kumar S
Core Functions
  • Identify books that are not available.
  • Provide feedback on quality of content & authors.
  • Provide feedback on the arrangement and indexing of books.
  • Escalate issues regarding the lending process.


Chairman: Ms. Sowmiya N
Executive Members: Mr. Praveen Kumar M
Ms. Ezhilarasi
Mr. Elango J
Mr. Boopathi N
Mr. Sakthivel S
Core Functions
  • Maintain cleanliness of infrastructure facilities such as classrooms, workshops, labs, administrative offices, canteen, library, conference room, meeting room, playground, lobbies, rest rooms etc.
  • Maintain greenery in the campus.
  • Plan periodic maintenance of equipment & tools.
  • Organize furniture and teaching aids.
  • Manage waste.


Chairman: Mr. Subramani K
Advisor: Mr. Jayakumar T
Executive Members: Ms. Geetha R
Mr. N. Krishna Kumar
Core Functions
  • Manage training and placement activities.
  • Liaise with industry for placement of students.
  • Organize guest lectures by professionals from the industry.
  • Obtain inputs on skill sets required in the job market.
  • Collect feedback from the recruiters on post-employment issues.
  • Organize pre-placement training programmes.
  • Plan training on soft skills.


Coordinator: Mr. Subramani K
Advisor: Mr. Jayakumar T
Executive Members: Ms. Uma Chithra
Ms. Durga D
Core Functions
  • Analyse skill sets required in the job market.
  • Guide students in selecting appropriate path in employment, based on their interest & skill levels.
  • Provide guidance students planning to pursue higher studies.
  • Provide guidance in setting up own business for students interested in entrepreneurship.


Chairman: Mr. Gnanaprakash G
Executive Members: Mr. Jagan T
Mr. Raghuraman
Mr. DeepanBharathi
Mr. Sanjay Kumar K
Mr. Durga Devi M
Core Functions
  • Establish alumni database.
  • Establish communication channels between alumni and the institution.
  • Maintain communication with alumni through established communication channels.
  • Share potential job opportunities for experienced personnel.
  • Organize alumni meets, get-togethers.


Coordinator: Mr. Boobalan D
Executive Members: Mr. Gnanaprakash G
Ms. Bhavani A
Mr. Sanjay Kumar K
Mr. Nagaraj
Core Functions
  • Organize physical arrangement for conducting internal assessments & board exams.
  • Make arrangements to ensure integrity of assessments / exams.
  • Make assessment / exam question papers available on time.
  • Prepare timetable, assign invigilators, make seating arrangements and post signages for smooth conduct of examinations.
  • Assist Administration department in exam fees collection.
  • Maintain records pertaining to assessments / exams.
  • Coordinate collection, segregation & dispatch of board exam answer papers to DOTE.
  • Provide data for results analysis.
  • Address issues & grievances pertaining to assessments / exams.


Chairman: Ms. Deepa V
Executive Members: Mr. Karthik K
Ms. Archana R
Mr. Shantha Kumar A
Student Reps: Mr. Vasanthakumar K
Mr. Devakumar S
Core Functions
  • Highlight any atrocities against SC/ST students to the internal grievance redressal cell.
  • Improve enrolment of SC/ST candidates by motivating potential students to join diploma courses.
  • Coordinate with SC/ST students in collecting documents required to claim scholarship.
  • Monitor and minimise drop-outs among SC/ST students by counselling them and their parents.
  • Provide special attention to slow learners among SC/ST students.


Coordinator: Mr. Ravi babu
Mr. Raj Kumar (PD)
Ms. Archana R
Executive Members: Mr. Sanjay Kumar K
Ms. Lavanya D
Mr. S. Kumaresan
Core Functions
  • Provide inputs pertaining to sports, art & culture for developing event calendar of the institution.
  • Organize training & hold internal competitions pertaining to sports, art & culture.
  • Organize internal sports & cultural competitions.
  • Lead in organizing Sports day and “Spectra” Culture Fest.
  • Assist Administration department in establishing new and upkeep of existing sporting facilities.
  • Assist organizing committee in holding public sport and cultural events.


Coordinator: Mr. Krishnakumar N
Executive Members: Mr. Dinesh A
Mr. Jagan T
Ms. Padmavathy P
Ms. Durga Devi
Student Reps: Mr. Manigandan E
Core Functions
  • Set menu and manage addition / deletion of items.
  • Monitor food quality, pricing & taste.
  • Monitor health & sanitation arrangements.
  • Organize food serving, billing, seating and plate disposal setup.
  • Optimise operating cost.
  • Minimise food wastage.
  • Manage canteen waste.
  • Establish best practices.
  • Promote green initiatives.